The Maximum Volume Flex Your Head Show
The Maximum VolumeFlex Your Head Show 

Experienced, talented Punk Rock Show DJ in Lopburi, Thailand

The Maximum Volume Flex Your Head Show -
Innovative, experienced Punk Rock DJ in Lopburi, Thailand

I have been in the music business for over 35 years now. Music styles have come and gone, and although I have done numerous radio shows at American college and commercial radio stations, my true love is to play what I want, what I know my fans will love, and without any censorship. 
Only an online podcast-style radio punk rock show, such as the Maximum Volume / Flex Your Head Show, can afford me and you, the audience, that opportunity. 
My first radio program was in 1981, at WNEK, where I developed the name, "Max Volume".  Regardless of what a certain heavy metal radio DJ in the U.S. says, I developed the name years before him, and he does not have the right to use it.  I am the ONLY "Max Volume", who plays such a wide variety of non-commercialized crap music, mixed in with hilarious sci-fi and other audio clip interludes.  The MAXIMUM VOLUME/FLEX YOUR HEAD Show is the #1 online punk rock show, playing punk, psychobilly, rockabilly, garage rock, surf punk, americana, and general all-around excellent music on the show.
Due to my many years of experience, I have not only become an expert in terms of music, but also in arranging an funny, cool, and engaging show.  I'm also available as a DJ for punk rock shows at music clubs between band sets.  Not only do I know great music that you will love, I can provide you with a lot of valuable advice and refer you to the people that can help turn your party or punk rock show into a success. Just contact me by filling out the contact form so that we can talk about the details of your special event.


Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show

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