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The Maximum VolumeFlex Your Head Show 

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Just released, the Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show #13! Enjoy!

The Maximum Volume / Flex Your Head Show #13 aired on Radio Wigwam, Monday, 2017-04-17, at 20.00hrs (London time), 21.00hrs (Germany - CET time), 02.00hrs (Bangkok time, Tuesday), and 15.00hrs/3.00pm (EST), Monday. Any bands or music artists who want to send me music for next week's show are welcome to contact me.

We featured music and great entertainment on the show, including: Zero BullshitTyler Slcst (Dead End Lane), Johnny Thunders and the heartbreakersTHE NERVESThe Living DeadsThe NervesPropagandhiHANK RAYLucifer SideburnsTitty Twister, @Elvis McMan (courtesy of Keith Grave), GG AllinDropkick MurphysFu Manchu, 8th Route Army (Jon MartenssonMark OlierMatt ThorsenJim-Joe Sixtyone Ramblers Greedy), The Vandelz (courtesy of Keith Grave), NOFXD.O.A.DaggerplayCenobites Psychobilly RotterdamCrime Punk BandThe Band CRIME, Punk77 RevisitedBobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-KickersThe Crypt-KickersThe CryptkickersBamboozle (Serena Sykes), Chuck De Ville Music PageRaise The UndeadRockin' TomcatsAmy LeakKimiko Howlin, and Shuichi Masaki.

See attached PDF on Libsyn and iTunes for show playlist.

A Fan Favorite: Reckless Ones "Dead & Gone" HD Hank Ray - To contact Hank Ray:
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Max Volume Punk Rock The Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show

The Maximum Volume

Flex Your Head Show

The #1 Online Radio  Program

Punk rock toasted to your perfection with slices of humorous interludes. 
 The #1 punk rock/indie rock radio program. Max Volume is a radio and video broadcaster personality and promotes and distributes punk, psychobilly, rockabilly, punkabilly, hardcore punk, garage punk bands music. 
Max was the very first to use the moniker, "Max Volume", in the Fall of 1981.  Many such copycats have laid claim to the name since then, but Max recorded his first radio program, with the name Max Volume on his first radio program on WNEK, called the Alternative Noise Show.  It quickly became the most popular, and most innovative program on the air in the local area.
In 1990, Max decided to restart his radio DJ days, and created the first episode of the Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show, again, on WNEK.  At this time, he was a professor at the college, and did his radio program in his free time.  It again, quickly became the #1 punk rock and variety program in the local Massachusetts area.
The Maximum Volume / Flex Your Head Show is a unique blend of old school punk, pre-punk, pop-punk, psychobilly, rockabilly, and garage and alternative music you will never find on other radio programs.  Max makes the show unique by splicing funny sci-fi clips, hilarious interview audio clips, and irreverent audio clips between song segments.  Additionally, many artists and bands record "Station"or "Program ID's"for him, to identify the program throughout the Maximum Volume / Flex Your Head Show.
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